IACCP2016 Ph.D. Summer School (July 26-30, 2016) Experience Report | 名古屋大学情報学研究科 心理学講座 唐沢研究室


IACCP2016 Ph.D. Summer School (July 26-30, 2016) Experience Report

Reported by Matsuo Akiko

 The Culture & Psychology Ph.D. Summer School is a summer camp workshop for graduate students held as a prelude to the International Association for Cross-cultural Psychology. This year, Professor Karasawa led the IACCP and served as the chair of its organizing committee, so me and Mr. Eto, of the same laboratory, participated in the summer camp as speakers.

 The Ph.D. Summer School invites researchers who are at the forefront of research related to culture and psychology to give lectures on important topics related to culture and statistical methods used in research, followed by small group discussions to develop and present a feasible research plan. As you can see, the content of the course is substantial. At first glance, it may seem like just a typical workshop, but the Summer School attracts participants from all over the world. This workshop itself seemed to reflect the importance and interest of cultural studies.

 In addition to being participants, me and Mr. Eto were involved in the planning of this event as organizers. Therefore, we were able to have the valuable experience of working together with the people of the training center in Nakatsugawa City (Gifu Prefecture) where we stayed, to “entertain” the participants from overseas. For some of the participants, it was the first time in their lives to travel abroad, and for others, it was the fulfillment of their wish to finally visit Japan. I felt that it was a more meaningful cultural experience than the workshop itself.

 We spent a lot of time studying and struggling with homework every day, but at night we stayed up late chatting with other participants in our rooms, just like a school trip. We also had a party to deepen the exchange among the participants, a public bath experience as a cultural activity, hiked in the nature, and on the last day, we enjoyed sightseeing in Tsumago and Magome. I promised the participants that we would be active together in the future and that we would meet again before heading home.