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Invited Lecture by Dr. Takeshi Hamamura

Dr. Takeshi Hamamura (Senior Lecturer, Curtin University, Australia) gave a lecture at the “Positive Informatics Lecture Series,” organized by the Future Value Creation Research Center, Graduate School of Informatics (co-organized by the Global Media and Communication Unit, Graduate School of Informatics).
After his lecture on the possibilities of social/cultural psychology research using big data, a lively discussion took place with participants from a wide range of fields including international politics, media studies, computational social sciences, and psychology.

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Positive Informatics Lecture Series, Future Value Creation Research Center, Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University
Date: November 6, 2018
Venue: Lecture Room 1, Graduate School of Informatics Building, Nagoya University
Speaker: Takeshi Hamamura (Senior Lecturer, Curtin University; Japan Foundation Fellow)
Title of the lecture: Big Data and Social/Cultural Psychology
Abstract: The analysis of big data can stimulate existing research activities by making full use of huge amounts of data, and can also make possible research problems that have been difficult to solve with conventional social science research methods. How will the development of big data analysis and data science benefit research in social and cultural psychology? In this talk, I will first review representative research cases in social and cultural psychology using big data. Then I will discuss the benefits of big data analysis in cultural psychology, especially in the study of cultural change, using our own research as an example. Specifically, I will introduce our attempts to analyze the evolution of inter-group relationships (Study 1) and the long-term evolution of anxiety (Study 2) using big data.