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Nyla Branscombe 教授 講演


名古屋大学環境学研究科・情報文化学部 心理学レクチャー・シリーズ
日時:2010年11月30日(火) 13:00-15:00
講演者: Dr. Nyla Branscombe
演題: Moral Rights and Obligations:
Historical Victimization Reminders in Victims and Observers

講演要旨:I will consider how historical victimization is used by victimized groups in the present to legitimize their current harm doing; that is, history is seen by victim groups as providing them with moral rights. Among observers, however, historical victimization is perceived as entailing moral obligations to not do harm. Consequences for victim judgments when observers perceive those victims as violating expectations and doing harm or failing to help others are addressed.

主催:名古屋大学環境学研究科・情報文化学部 心理学研究室